~Registered Massage Therapy~

~Bio-Energy Healing~

COVID-19 Important Notice

1-Patients must complete the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool prior to their appointment. You will be contacted by telephone within 24hrs of your appointment to go over your results. If you have answered YES to any of the questions, you MUST cancel your appointment and call BC Health 811. If this is within 24hrs of your appointment, no cancellation fee will be charged. I will be taking the same test daily and disclose my results with you. The BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment tool https://bc.thrive.health/


2- Please only arrive 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment, to allow for thorough room sanitization. I will come out and greet you, kindly refrain from knocking on the door. Please do NOT arrive earlier, unless otherwise indicated. 

3- Patients must arrive unaccompanied. If you are a minor and require a parent/guardian, or if you require assistance, kindly let me know prior to your appointment.

4- Bring your own mask. For health and liability reasons, I am asking that patients bring and wear their own mask for the duration of the treatment. I will wearing and changing my mask with each new patient.

5- Upon entering the building I ask that you either wash your hands in the common washroom (which will be sanitized between each client I see), or use the touchless hand sanitizer I will supply in the treatment room. Kindly refrain from touching surfaces unnecessarily in the treatment room. 

6- Please place your belongings on the bench provided, which will be sanitized between treatments. 

7- At your first appointment prior to treatment, I will go over the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool with you. A COVID-19 consent and waiver form will also need to be signed prior to treatment. Subsequent treatments will only need screening using the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool. 

8- Clean linens and blankets will be used for each new client. Clean and used linens will be stored in separate sealed plastic bins.

9- Gloves will not be used unless requested by the patient or if needed for myself due to overuse of cleaning chemicals.

10- The point of sale device and screen used to sign, will be sanitized between patients. At this time cash will not be accepted. Receipts will be emailed.

11- If there are extra precautions you would like me to take, please contact me prior to your appointment so that I may do my best to make you comfortable.

12- Please note that as of July 1st 2020, the rates for a 60 minute massage will raise by $5.

Mélany has always been passionate and intrigued

by the human body.

She recognized at an early age, the integral

connection between the body/mind/spirit, and it's

amazing ability to heal itself when treated as

whole. Her passion encouraged her to delve deeper

into the study of the human body.

Mélany graduated as an RMT from the 3000 hour

program at the West Coast College Of Massage

Therapy. She furthered her studies in the

mind/body/spirit connection with Bio-Energy

Healing. Bio-Energy is a simple yet powerful healing modality that releases energetic

blocks in the body and restores a healthy balanced flow for optimal health.

Mélany loves witnessing the transformations her clients undergo, walking out lighter and more peaceful then when they arrived.

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