~Registered Massage Therapy~

~Bio-Energy Healing~

Low energy? Depressed? Feeling stuck?

We are made of energy. When we are healthy, our life force energy flows freely throughout our body and bathes each and every one of our cells with vitality and well being. Sometimes the flow of energy gets stagnant or blocked. This can occur due to things such as stress, emotional repression or physical trauma. 

Bio-Energy Healing is a simple and gentle holistic healing modality. The Bio-Energy practitioner uses a series of specialized hand movements around the clients body. These sequences effectively free up stagnant energy, restoring the body's natural flow for optimal health. 

A vast array of ailments can successfully be treated with Bio-Energy. Freeing up energetic blocks allows vital energy to flow in areas once stagnant, bringing us back to homeostasis. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves, they have that divine intelligence. 

Bio-Energy Healing is gentle and non-invasive. During a treatment clients remain fully clothed. Very little direct contact is involved. The vast majority of the session takes place standing, with shorter segments seated. This may be modified in certain circumstances. 

Treatments are once a week for four weeks, with a follow up session a month later. Depending how long a client has had a condition, a second series of sessions may be indicated. 

Sessions are $80 and approximately an hour in duration.